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Qingyuan RGDC Chemicals Co.Ltd
Office Tel:+86-0763-3378773 3377909
Mr.    Wei:+86-18922605957
Mr.  Tong:+86-13925071026
Mr.  Peng:+86-13360923233
About Us

         Qingyuan RGDC Chemicals Co.Ltd is located near to the Feilaixia Reservoir and Beijiang River in Guangdong Province.It is 70 kilometers from Guangzhou city,with area of 7500 square meters.It is a Chemicals company with experiment, manufacture, and sales.

         We have four sets of chemicals manufacturing equipments with annual production capacity 7000 tons.We mainly produce and supply environment-friendly flame retardants to the majority cities and the region of Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. We plane to enlarge our business scope for both domestic and international market based on our sound quality and fixed customers.
         We always insist “science and technology,quality,innovation,service”Our company is committed to provide customers with the most satisfactory product quality and thoughtful service. We hope to develop with you together. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.