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Aluminium hypophosphite

Aluminium hypophosphite

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Aluminium hypophosphite


I.           Property:
1. Chemical Formula: Al (H2PO2)3
2. Molecular Weight: 221.96
3. Appearance: White powder
4. Content: 98%
5. PH Value: 3—5(10% aqueous solution)
6. Solubility: Poorly soluble in water

            7.CAS NO.: 7784-22-7


II. Application:
It is a new type preprocessing flame retardant.It has advantages as good heat stability, polymer will not discompose during process,as well as will not effect Plastic molding combination .slightly soluble in water, good flame retarding efficiency, etc.With the Al (H2PO2)3 application in polymer,  its heat stability can be improved, perform higher flame resistance. Due to the high content of phosphorus, endow Al (H2PO2)3 with excellent heat stability,high performance flame resistance.  It can be used in PA, PET, ABS, PS and other modified plastics, and have achieved favorable flame retardant efficiency. When it applies in PBT,heat liberation rate reduced during its burning process, after burning,charing amount raised. It can reached UL94-V0. Compared to other PBT flame retardant in domestic, the flame retarding efficiency has improved 60%.

III. Packing & Precautions:
25kg/bag, Composite brown paper bag with inner aluminum-plastic bag.
Keep in dry and well-ventilated place, to protect from high temperature and oxidant. Avoid the damage of the package.

IV. Quality Standard (Enterprise Standard):



Main Content(Al(H2PO2)3)%≥




Iron (Pb)W/%


Loss after drying %


Whiteness %


1%thermal decomposition temperature





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